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Siew Hock Meng

Born 1942 in Johor of Malaysia and studied in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts for a year in 1961, where he found himself more interested in aesthetics and philosophy of art than mere painting. Siew is an artist based in Singapore and was awarded the National Day Medal for Fine Arts in 1971 and the award for Visual Arts Creation, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association Singapore in 1981 and 1984. Siew uses oils, acrylic and pastels in his work, he is believed to be most adept at pastel in portrait painting and later expand into painting of human figures,life and culture of places depicting a deeper concern for the social, cultural and environmental realities that people in the region have to face.

"Summoning .."
Artist ~ Siew Hock ..

"She is Asl.."
Artist ~ Siew Hock ..