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Nai Swee Leng

A Singapore born artist, graduated from from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Western fine arts. Nai was also student of Master of Lingdong style the late Mr Fan Chang Qian and Master of Lingnan style the late Professor Chao Shao-An in Hong Kong, who were key figures in Chinese ink painting. Nai is known for his paintings of Nanyang themes and local subject such as coconuts trees, bamboos, tropical birds (myna, swallows, sparrows etc), fowls (roosters, goose etc) and flowers (plum blossoms, orchids, lotus etc). Swee Leng paints with intriguing free-hand brush strokes on tranquil and meaningful compositions To date, he has held more than 10 solo exhibitions in Singapore and overseas, and has exhibited his work as part of various group exhibitions.

Artist ~ Nai Swee L..

Artist ~ Nai Swee L..