Eng Siak Loy Artists

Eng Siak Loy

Eng Siak Loy is one of the second-generation Singaporean artists, who witnessed Singapore’s early nation building and captured these stories through their artworks. Eng uses bold, quick and wispy brushstrokes to capture the transitory moments of mood, atmosphere and movement in his works. Eng Siak Loy He is a prolific designer of Singapore stamps and coins, and has to date designed 56 sets of Singapore stamps and 18 sets of coins. He is also the first Singaporean to design an entire series of circulating legal tender notes featuring portrait as the central theme in 1999. Eng Siak Loy’s achievements as a designer was endorsed nationally through receiving the President’s design award in 2007.

"Chinatown .."
Artist ~ Eng Siak Loy