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Dullah (1919-1996)

Dullah, born in Solo in 1919, was a self-taught Indonesia's painter, well known as Indonesia's ""King of Realist Art". He was appointed as a palace artist between 1950 and 1960, when Indonesia was under its first president, Sukarno. He later returned to Solo where he co-founded the Surakarta Cultural Association (HBS). In the 1970s, he established his Realist Painting Workshop in Bali. His portrait studies and genre topics of daily activities and rituals of Indonesian people. Many of his paintings were bought by the foreign tourists and the local art collectors which made his name widely famous as a prominent realistic artist painter in Indonesia. At the age of 70, Dullah built his museum in Solo all by his own without any financial succor from the government or other private institutions. This was done as his dedication to a love of the arts over a creative lifetime. Dullah, left behind a very valuable legacy for Indonesia's fine art world, the Dullah Museum, where his great works are kept.

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