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Chua Ek Kay

Born in Guangdong, China on 21 Nov 1947, Chua Ek Kay (1947 – 2008) was one of Singapore’s leading ink painters. Chua was a member of the pioneering batch of post-war Chinese immigrant artists in Singapore who—while rooted in Chinese ink—were equally engaged in contemporary expression. Chua’s style blended traditional Chinese ink painting styles with Western techniques, creating paintings charged with a sense of emotion and poetic. Chua held seven solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions. He painted many scenes of old Singapore, featuring old shophouses, alleyways, often depicting in Chinese ink the places he had lived in or visited with nostalgia and deep feeling. He also painted scenes of natural beauty, depicting mountains, lakes and lotuses with a poetic sensibility. Chua became the first Chinese ink painter to win the UOB Painting of the Year Award in 1991 and won the Juror’s Choice award at the Philip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN Art Awards in 1998. In 1999, he received the Cultural Medallion for his contributions to visual arts in Singapore.

"Misty Lotus"
Artist ~ Chua Ek Kay