Cheong Soo Pieng Artists

Cheong Soo Pieng

One of Singapore’s first-generation legendary artist who is best known for contributing towards the Nanyang style of art. Born in Xiamen of China in 1917 and trained at the Xiamen Fine Art Academy and the Xinhua Academy of Fine Arts in Shanghai, Cheong relocated to Singapore in late 1946 and has taught in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts for 14 years. Creative and adventurous, Cheong’s experimented a diversity of paintings that integrated Western, East Asian and Southeast Asian styles and also applied motifs and techniques, traditional Chinese ink into paintings to create a diverse forms of prominent artworks. Cheong is best known for his series of Balinese paintings depicting languorous women with elongated limbs and almond eyes. His other painting, the Mother and Daughter was made into a UNESCO first day cover in 1977, the first time this honour was bestowed on an artist from Singapore. Cheong’s legacy also lives on through his 1978 oil painting Drying Salted Fish, was also portrayed on the Singapore $50 note.

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