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Chen Chong Swee

Chen Chong Swee (1910 – 1985) was a pioneer artist, teacher and writer of Singapore. He was one of the pioneer artist in the Nanyang style. Trained in both Western and traditional Chinese art, Mr Chen combined the aesthetic and cultural traditions of both styles and painted in watercolors, oils as well as Chinese inks. His painting subjects were composed from his surrounding environment and his numerous tours to Bali and East Coast of West Malaysia. Chen co-founded the Salon Art Society (now known as the Singapore Society of Chinese Artists) and was instrumental in the founding of the Watercolour Society in 1969. He also served as a selection committee member of the annual Singapore National Day Art Exhibition and was an adviser to NAFA, Life Art Society and San Yi Finger Painting Society. Chen was conferred the Meritorious Public Service Star by Yusof Ishak, the first president of Singapore, for his artistic and cultural contributions to Singapore in 1965.

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